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I am foolish. I asked for an apple tv for Christmas because it looked pretty and sounded cool without fully investigating what it did. I think I assumed it could do something akin to streaming my desktop onto the telly.
What it does is connect my iTunes to the TV. So I can play music on the TV. Not worth a new device.
Since iTunes can't play DVDs and the apple TV can't see the Mac DVD player, DVDs are out.
And it can only do files converted to the apple format and imported into iTunes. So that's my 50GB of movies and 250GB of TV out then, unless I spend the time and computer energy converting each individual file.

I spent yesterday till 2am trying to make it useful for me. I discovered some very clever people who had found legal ways to do these things without jailbreaking the apple TV. I used the Terminal function on macbook for the first time. And then I realised that in the latest OS upgrade, apple had removed a specific component that allowed these things to work.

So, defeated, we bought a DVD player today. it was €35 and it has a USB drive so if I want to play .avi files, I just need to copy them to a memory stick (which takes about 1/6 of the time it takes to convert a file).
And I did download Handbrake for file conversions. Because my spirit was broken.

On the plus side, it looks pretty. And I made a pretty screensaver. So well worth the money :P

Ok, rant over.

Today was my last day in St. Luke's. Last day in Crumlin tomorrow. And then last days of my MSc lectures on Friday and Saturday. Lots of lasts for the first week of January.
New job next Monday.
Had friends over to watch Being Human and Misfits this evening on our new giant TV which is approximately 3 times the size of our last TV (which had an integrated DVD player, thus us not owning one before).
(We are way behind - watching season 3 of Being Human and season 2 of Misfits right now).

Sherlock was pretty good on Sunday.

Why no, I don't have anything interesting to say! I'll be quiet now...
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