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This is gonna take me way longer than 31 days to complete!

Anyway, 20 facts about me.

1. I'm a trampoline coach
2. I went to boarding school for 6 years
3. I look really young - leaving cert results came out yesterday - someone thought I was a leaving cert student. (For ref: I did my leaving cert 13 years ago)
4. I feel like a badass when I cycle round the city.
5. Less so on days like today when someone is killed while cycling my route to my next job.
6. I'm just home from living in Uganda for 9 months.
7. Although I'm glad to be home, I miss Uganda.
8. I procrastinate.
9. The most unusual place I've travelled to was Mongolia.
10. The countries I felt I could settle down in were New Zealand and Uganda.
11. I can't stand when people use the verb "to do" when referring to a place. (e.g. "I've done Sydney".)
12. I worship at the twin altars of Joss Whedon and Douglas Adams. Neil Gaiman is a high priest.
13. I have multiple versions of multiple books. Pretty books matter.
14. My favourite book is The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.
15. I have 5 paper versions of the books, 2 books of radio scripts, 2 audiobook versions, the TV series DVD, the movie DVD and the complete radio series on CD of HHGTTG. I regret nothing.
16. I ran a marathon in 2010. It took me 5hours 20mins.
17. I run because I feel less guilty afterwards, not because I enjoy it.
18. I am debating running the Dublin marathon again this year, just because people have asked me if I am, and I feel like I'm conceding defeat if I say no.
19. I'm getting married in 8 months.
20. I'm obsessed with my birthday.
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